The Recycled Glass Cooperative of Cantel, COPAVIC, was formed in 1976 by the former employees of an Italian-run recycled glass factory in the village of Cantel, near the city of Quetzaltenango in Guatemala. The cooperative members applied for a loan, purchased land, constructed the heavy-duty kiln needed to melt glass, and began production. Combining their efforts, they created a workplace that was free of exploitation, where the artisans benefit directly from their work. In addition to earning a living wage, the artisans receive health care and life insurance and give back to their community by supporting basic community services like electricity, drainage, and the pavement of roads.

The COPAVIC cooperative is committed to protecting the environment and transforms recycled glass into beautiful hand-blown items. Glass from soda and other beverage bottles is melted down, tinted, and used to produce a variety of glass items, including vases, sculptures, pitchers, and other household items. Serrv has been working with the COPAVIC cooperative since 1994.

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