Nepal: A Safer, High-Fired Kiln for Nepali Potters

Serrv partner Mahaguthi, Craft with a Conscience, works with artisans in many parts of Nepal, including three ceramics workshops in Thimi, a traditional potter's village. For centuries, potters in Thimi have been making functional and beautiful clay pots which are used for religious rituals and for basic daily needs.

Traditionally, the pots were low-fired in kerosene kilns which are dangerous and provide inconsistent heat. Electrical kilns are able to fire the clay at much higher temperatures and also are much safer and better for the environment. Glazed clay pots fired at high temperatures are much less fragile and can safely hold water.

The installation of a new high intensity electric kiln will not only benefit the 14 artisans working with Mahaguthi, but will also be used as a demonstration tool for other potters in the village.

Your donation to support this project will be used to purchase one high intensity electrical kiln which will help these artisans improve their quality, expand their markets, and lead healthier lives. Please donate today.
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