PARC, the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee, is the largest Palestinian nonprofit organization working in rural areas in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Founded in 1983, their focus is helping farmers improve their products and the way they work, including help with marketing, seed improvement, water issues, organizing cooperatives, and capacity building.

The Fair Trade Department at PARC works to organize the efforts of agricultural cooperatives of farmers and women to market their food products for export and to improve their social and economic situation. Their overall objective is to help farmers and women obtain fair prices for their products, prices that will ensure a decent life for them. They have helped to form over 30 cooperatives and organizations, improving the lives of thousands of farmers and women.

Serrv is glad to support the efforts of PARC and Palestinian farmers by offering dates, almonds, and couscous produced by cooperatives in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Products Made by PARC

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