Fair trade is so much more than a product. By fostering long-term relationships, Serrv is able to assess and address the concerns of our partners. Through our development programs, we are able to serve their social, economic & emotional needs.

The impact is felt by our artisan partners as well as their families, children and communities. Supporting schools, funding design programs and offering environmental education are just a few of the ways that our partners empower artisans and communities. Look below for some of our recent development projects, read our newsletters, or visit our blog.

Serrv is excited to contribute financial support toward the following educational projects:

Paying Student Fees in South Africa
Turqle Trading is passionate about providing sustainable employment opportunities for nearly 500 men and women in South Africa, a country with extremely high unemployment rates among black and colored South Africans. Turqle dedicates a portion of each product sale toward paying school fees for employees' children. With this support, children are able to attend good quality schools. In 2016, Serrv contributed to this fund, increasing the number of students who can gain a quality education.

Responding to Education Needs in Nepal
It's been years since the earthquakes in Nepal and there are still countless buildings, schools and homes that have yet to be rebuilt. With funding from Serrv, Get Paper Industry in Kathmandu recently rebuilt one of their schools with materials that will withstand future earthquake shocks. Over 200 children and teachers are delighted with the new classrooms, along with desks and other classroom furnishings.

In addition, our donations were used to expand a food program in another school, after it was determined that young students desperately needed more nutrition. Get Paper built a new hall and purchased tables, cooking utensils and other supplies with our funds. Now 80 children are able to both attend school and receive nutritious food.

Giving Marginalized Children Basic Education
Tara Projects in India has a jewelry workshop in a Delhi slum called Shri Ram Colony. The community suffers from a lack of standard amenities and the majority of families live in extreme poverty. Recognizing the need to support children here, Tara founded a learning center where kids can gain a basic education and learn about their rights and role in society. The center currently enrolls 60 children, mainly girls, and strives to increase that number to 100 over the next few months. Serrv is committed to deepening the center's impact through providing stipends for teachers, learning materials for students, and more.

Your tax-deductible donation will allow us to expand these and other developmental projects.


Words from our partners about our support:

"Serrv supports us in two major ways: large orders and help improving our fair trade practices. This includes two peer visits and helping us establish an Internal Monitoring System for the World Fair Trade Organization. Serrv is a major partner who has touched many artisans' lives, benefiting them in the midst of political unrest. We are truly honored to be working with Serrv."
–Suzan Sahori, Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans, West Bank

"The donation we received from Serrv this year was used to visit our workshops and train artisans about criteria for the new fair trade guarantee system with the World Fair Trade Organization. We are thankful to Serrv for the donation. We know that we will learn about areas to improve in the near future, and we will continue to be transparent about our work. We want people around the world to understand fair trade and see that it creates change, progress, and education."
–Yannina Meza, Manos Amigas, Peru

"We received funds from Serrv very soon after the earthquakes and they helped to run our emergency support and relief program. We used the funds for immediate cash needs of our producers and relief work in different areas. We reached three different communities and provided materials including food, electrolytes, mats, and dry milk for children. It was really painful to see how the earthquake affected very marginal people, who have very basic housing structures. We are grateful for the support in reaching those in need.

"Our long term relationship with Serrv has significant impact on our organization along with the benefits for our producers and communities. Besides regular work and fair wages for the artisans, Serrv pays 4% added on top of the cost of products which is used towards community support projects like building schools, girls' education campaigns, health camps, tree plantation and other support to the local people. We are proud to be partner of Serrv, which is a pioneer fair trade organization."
–Milan Bhattarai, Get Paper Industry, Nepal (current Serrv board member)