LWR Chocolate Project

As of April 23, 2014, Serrv and Lutheran World Relief have ended their partnership around Fair Trade chocolate. Both organizations have strong respect for one another and recognize that to be wise stewards of our limited resources we need to focus them in other areas. We continue to share similar missions toward the end of poverty throughout the world.

We celebrate nearly 15 years of partnership and are grateful to all of the U.S. Lutherans who have purchased fair trade handcrafts and chocolate through our joint programs.

Please contact Lutheran World Relief at lwr.org/chocolate or 800.597.5972 to buy fair trade chocolate in partnership with LWR.

If you would still like to buy Divine Chocolate, you can certainly order it here and your purchase will continue to support smallholder farmers in Ghana as it always has, but will not include a donation to LWR. If you would prefer for your fair trade chocolate purchase to include a donation to LWR, please visit lwr.org/chocolate or call 800.597.5972 for details.