Amethyst Stripe Tray Basket

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This striped basket is perfect for keeping items tucked away on shelves, on the floor, or in the closet. Handwoven from dyed kaisa grass and mela leaf, with inset handles to make carrying a breeze. 5"h x 15"l x 12 1/2"d.

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Rural Artisans in Bangladesh

About the Artisan

Your purchase helps extremely poor artisans in remote areas in Bangladesh struggling to sustain a craft-based livelihood. Where few other options for income exist, generations of skilled Bangladeshi artisans are able to earn an income from craft, preserving this country's fine hand-crafting heritage.

Since 1980, SERRV International has partnered with rural artisans in Bangladesh, providing a long-term trading partnership and interest-free advance payment for our orders. Through... Read more...


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Very useful basket!
Oct 3, 2021  |  By LeeAnne McCoy
I bought several of these baskets and not only are they beautifully made, but they're very useful for organizing. I just them for everything from a collection point for mail to organizing my jewelry. Great baskets!

amethyst tray basket
Jun 10, 2020  |  By Terry de la Vega
I bought this tray basket to hold a variety of cloth napkins on a shelf in my hutch. They fit perfectly and provide easy access because I can grab to tray, set it on the table and choose the napkins I want to use. the colors and design are so beautiful it in kind of a shame it lives behind a sliding door.