Apikri Cooperative

Apikri works with artisans who live on the Indonesian island of Java, near Yogyakarta and Central Java, an area well-known for its craftsmanship, and also one of the most densely populated areas in the world. Their work offers supplemental income to artisans by promoting craft development in areas where land is scarce and unemployment is high.

Apikri began in 1987 working with 25 artisan groups to promote fair trade and to empower micro and small handicraft producers and today works with over 40 artisan groups. In addition to marketing crafts, Apikri also provides training, financial support in the form of loans and a social grant fund, and environmental projects that promote reforestation, waste treatment, and conservation of vital resources. They also advocate for policies that support small and medium enterprises.

Apikri is owned by its members, who hold management accountable and help to shape the philosophy and principles of the organization. Apikri is an active member of the fair trade community, and sees fairness in trading as an instrument to achieve democracy in economic life.

Apikri produces a variety of handcrafted items, including jewelry, silk, and their unique style of batiked wood. Their products reflect the rich cultural traditions of Indonesian artisans.

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Products Made by Apikri Cooperative

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