Asha Handicrafts

Asha Handicrafts has been a leading fair trade organization in India for over 40 years. Asha, which in Sanskrit means 'hope", is a non-profit organization that was started in 1975 with the mandate to Trade, Train & Transform.

Committed to the values of preserving the diverse craft traditions of India and ensuring a fair wage for artisans, Asha's model is to do business in a way that transforms lives. Today, Asha is impacting the lives of hundreds of artisans, working with more than fifty cooperatives and family workshops throughout India.

In addition to providing needed income through the sales of handcraft products, Asha is committed to the overall well being of artisans. Asha welfare workers work closely with artisans and their families to provide medical care, educational assistance for children, and to improve the living and working conditions of the artisans. Other benefits include interest-free loans, training, and advances to purchase raw materials.

Asha's products represent the rich diversity of handcraft traditions in India and include silk, stone, wood, jewelry, textiles, paper maché and brass products, all of exceptional quality.

Meet artisans who work with Asha Handicrafts (printable PDFs and videos):

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Products Made by Asha Handicrafts

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