Association For Craft Producers

Over 25 years ago, the founders of the Association for Craft Producers (ACP) had a vision of a non-profit organization which could do business as well as work for the development of low-income women artisans in Nepal. Drawing from long experience of working with women and development, they realized that the promotion of handicraft production needed to be backed by an integrated support program, including assuring the supply of raw material, design ideas, management skills and organized market outlets.

ACP has grown steadily over the years and today provides services to 1,200 artisans from 15 districts of Nepal (90% of them are women). ACP's support allows women to work from their homes, and also provides income to around 100 artisans who work in their center in Kathmandu. Women's earnings from the sales of their crafts are an important part of their home economy and have changed the lives of many women, who now receive greater support and respect from their husbands and fathers.

ACP is committed to its social welfare programs, which provide strong benefits to the artisans, such as a savings program, school scholarships focusing on girls' education, retirement fund, medical allowance, paid maternity and paternity leave, and other work incentives.

We are proud to have worked with ACP for almost 20 years, supporting artisans in Nepal through the sales of their textiles, ceramics, copper and felt products.

Meet an artisan who works with ACP (printable PDFs and videos):

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