Camari, which means 'gift" in the Quechua language, was started in 1981 to respond to the problems facing small farmers and artisans of Ecuador in selling their products. Because of a lack of markets, many artisans and farmers were forced to sell to intermediaries at a low price and could not make a living.

Camari offers artisans and farmers direct marketing outlets and fair payment. Today, through the sales of their products, they are providing alternative employment to more than 6,500 farmer and artisan families. Through training, credit, technical assistance and fair marketing of products, they are working to transform economic relationships to bring about hope, justice, and well being. Colorful and creative painted bread dough ornaments from Ecuador are a favorite among our customers, as are the tagua nut jewelry and decorations, a renewable resource from the Ecuadorian cloudforest.

Meet an artisan who works with Camari (printable PDF):

Products Made by Camari

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