Brown Stripe Scarf

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An intriguing juxtaposition of matte cotton and glossy silk make this soft, two-tone shawl the ideal accent piece for any time of year. 50% cotton/50% silk. Hand wash cold, line dry. Dimensions: 68"l x 30"w.

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Artisans in North Vietnam

About the Artisan

Your purchase helps preserve traditional Vietnamese craft skills while guaranteeing fair wages, safety, and social welfare for artisans.

Since 1999, SERRV International has partnered with artisans in northern Vietnam, providing a long-term trading partnership and interest-free advance payment for our orders. Through sales of their products, artisans who are marginalized or disadvantaged, including ethnic minorities in remote areas and people with disabilities, develop craft... Read more...


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Oct 9, 2020  |  By Carol
This cotton/silk scarf is beautiful...the pictures on the website do not do them justice. They come in 5 colors...I want them all!