Creative Handicrafts

The ultimate objective of Creative Handicrafts is to build sustainable communities where respect for human person is held high and no differentiation based on caste, gender or religion is prevalent.

Creative Handicrafts aims to provide business opportunities for disadvantaged women, encourage self-employment, and train members of the community to build and operate their own businesses.

The women of Creative Handicrafts are organized in groups, like a cooperative, to produce handicrafts to earn a living. There are 12 groups of women with each group having 20 members. The women manage themselves, as well as every chain in the production process. The members earn a share of the profits and elect the leaders of their groups.

Social programs include education scholarships for children, daycare, savings & microcredit programs, and healthcare programs.

Serrv began selling products from Creative Handicrafts in our Spring 2014 catalog.

Meet artisans who work with Creative Handicrafts (printable PDFs):

Products Made by Creative Handicrafts

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