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The Kuapa Kokoo cooperative was created in 1993 when cocoa farmers in Ghana united to negotiate better prices for their cocoa and empower small farmers. Kuapa Kokoo now represents over 60,000 cocoa farmers and has a stake in the first farmer-owned chocolate company in the world, Divine Chocolate Limited.

The company, which started as the Day Chocolate Company, launched its first bar of Divine chocolate in 1998. This innovative model of farmer ownership was born from a partnership between the Kuapa Kokoo cooperative, Twin Trading, the Body Shop and Comic Relief. The Body Shop later donated all of its shares to the Kuapa Kokoo cooperative.

Because of this unique partnership model, the cocoa farmers in Ghana participate directly in the decisions made by the organization and share in any potential profits. Kuapa's cocoa growers also receive above-market Fair Trade premiums for their cocoa beans which are used to fund community development projects like wells and schools. Kuapa Kokoo's motto is pa pa paa - which means the best of the best in the local Twi language.

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