Get Paper Cooperative

Get Paper Cooperative is a 125-member cooperative in Kathmandu that specializes in hand-made paper and paper products. The group's paper is made from recycled materials like paper, old cotton rags, and natural fibers like corn husks and banana stems. Get Paper has a deep commitment to the artisans that make up the cooperative, 91% of whom are women. Cooperative members earn a living wage and are eligible for cooperative benefits which include free lunches, personal loans, health insurance, advance payments, training, and a small pension.

Get Paper Cooperative also has a strong commitment to social development in Nepal. About 40% of the profits generated by the cooperative are used to fund development programs run by Get Paper's sister organization General Welfare Prathisthan. These include programs like the 'Send Your Daughter to School" scholarship program which allows girls to attend school each year, AIDS awareness campaigns, and environmental programs like tree planting. The group has won international awards for their AIDS awareness work and for their efforts to protect the environment. Our partnership with Get Paper has been growing strong since we began working together in 2006.

Get Paper Cooperative's handmade paper boxes and envelopes are used for all Jewelry over $25 and all woven Scarves.

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