Hogla Elephant Basket
Hogla Elephant Basket

Hogla Elephant Basket

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This is an elephant you'll want in your room! Made of natural hogla rope and leaves, complete with black jute eyes and hogla rope tail. Dimensions: 10"h x 16"w x 12"d.

Is your elephant looking a little flat? He's had a long journey! Here's how to reshape his ears:

  1. Using a spray bottle, dampen both sides of your elephant's ears with water.
  2. After the ears are dampened, gently pry forward.
  3. Let dry before use.

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Artisans in Bangladesh

About the Artisan

Your purchase provides artisans in Bangladesh much-needed employment, a fair wage, freedom from exploitation, access to healthcare and education for their children. Sales of terracotta handicrafts also benefit small-scale farmers who produce environmentally friendly jute, a key agricultural export.

Since 1981, SERRV International has partnered with artisans in Bangladesh, providing a long-term trading partnership and interest-free advance payment for our orders. Through sales... Read more...


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Hogla the Elepant
Aug 18, 2023  |  By Cindy
I have named my hogla-grass elephant basket. She is just adorable and looks great wherever I place her.

So Cute
Feb 10, 2022  |  By Native Texan
When I got Hogla Elephant Basket, I couldn't wait to get the box open. She was more than what I expected as she looked better than the picture. I love Hogla and she stands out in my bedroom. I received Hogla in a timely manner and I know I will order more from Serrv. I have purchased so much from Serrv and have always been happy with my merchandise.

Hogla Elephant Basket
Mar 18, 2021  |  By Marie Gibson
I am enjoying the basket very much. It is very well made. It is larger than I expected it to be based on the photo. I use it to store my dvd player and accessories.