In response to the rising costs of living in Ecuador during the 1980s, a group of faith-based communities organized to find a solution. The result was the formation of MCCH, a cooperative marketing organization which was started in 1985. Maquita Cushunchic Comercializando Como Hermanos, whose name is a mix of Quechua and Spanish and means 'Let's join hands and market as brothers", represents 400 groups from all regions of Ecuador who produce both handcrafts and agricultural products.

Now called Maquita, the group works to improve the income of families by providing alternatives for artisans as well as local marketing of agricultural products from small farmers, the export of cacao and other food items, and socially responsible tourism. Purchases of crafts from MCCH help to preserve cultural traditions and contribute to economic growth.

We have been working with Maquita since the early 1990s, supporting their work to empower artisans in Ecuador through the sale of their crafts.

Meet artisans who work with Maquita (printable PDFs):

Products Made by Maquita

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