Peru: Support a Professional Designer to Work with Peruvian Artisans

Manos Amigas (Hands of Friendship) in Lima, Peru, has been working for over 20 years to preserve traditional Peruvian handcrafts by supporting struggling artisans through training and helping them find markets for their products. In addition, Manos Amigas donates 20% of its profits to fund school scholarships, school uniforms and a breakfast program for low income children.

Like most of Serrv's partners, Manos Amigas needs access to new markets, especially in North America, to insure the growth of the organization and to generate more income for the artisans and their families. North American consumers demand new products every year so new product development is crucial. Although a design professional who understands the North American market as well as the needs of the local artisans is essential, Manos Amigas did not have the resources needed to add another staff person.

However, Serrv has advanced the funds to Manos Amigas which will allow them to hire an experienced Peruvian designer to work with the artisans for at least one year. Your donation to this Plant-a-Seed project will help cover the expenses and support for this designer which will hopefully result in increased sales and income for Peruvian artisans. Many of these artisans are refugees who moved to Lima in the 1980's to escape the violence of the Shining Path guerillas. Please donate today.
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