Purple Chocolate Loose Leaf Tea

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Fair trade tea from small-scale farmers in Kenya is some of the world's most flavorful. 100% natural ingredients are grown pesticide-free. A cup of Purple Chocolate is a heavenly, 'chocola-tea' experience. Antioxidant-rich cacao and purple tea offer a healthy choice to satisfy your sweet tooth, without any indulgence. Purple tea has twice the antioxidants of green tea and half the caffeine. Each 3.5 oz. tin contains loose leaf tea; makes 40 cups and comes with a hand-carved teaspoon. Re-steep for a second cup!

Ingredients: Organic Cacao Shells, Kenyan Purple Tea, Rose Petals

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Tea Farmers in Kenya

About the Artisan

Your purchase provides fair trade employment to small-scale tea farmers in the Nandi Hills of Kenya, creates new jobs, and sustains rural communities.

Since 2018, SERRV International has partnered with tea farmers in Kenya, providing a long-term trading partnership and interest-free advance payment for our orders. Through sales of their products, over 200 tea farmers earn a steady wage to support their families and communities. Tea farmers in Kenya also support 30 rural... Read more...


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Jun 22, 2022  |  By Nathan
Very nice tea with a light chocolatey taste, excellent quality tea, and good value for how much there is

Dec 19, 2021  |  By Sandy
The smell of this tea, stimulates your tastebuds. Drinking this tea satisfies that hunger. I drink it without additional sweetener. Throughly enjoying this gift to me.

My favorite thing to drink
Oct 27, 2021  |  By Kelly
This is so yummy! It makes me feel like I am pampering myself a little every afternoon when I have a cup.

Apr 27, 2021  |  By Joy
This tea is really fantastic! It has a nice chocolate flavor that blends very well with the tea. A little cream and sugar (for me), and I have a real treat!

Nov 29, 2020  |  By Rebecca Nold
The aroma and taste says "cocoa"!

Nov 22, 2020  |  By Hawana
Actually drinking a cup right now. A light blend of two favorite flavors. Just a hint of chocolate with a floral aroma. Just right for an afternoon pick-me-up. I haven't felt the need to add sweetener of any kind.

I love it!
Nov 14, 2020  |  By Elizabeth K Kearney
This was an experiment. It is delicious and I will order again.

Oct 25, 2020  |  By Joy
This is such a pleasant surprise! It's a smooth, mellow tea with good tea and chocolate flavor. I'm so impressed! So happy I tried this!

Jan 1, 2020  |  By Jenny
I want really sure what to expect from Purple Chocolate Tea, but what I got was a cup of wonderful! This is definitely my new favorite!

It really is!
Apr 28, 2019  |  By Julia Povala
My morning tea was wonderful. The color was fun and the scent and taste was great.