Saffy Handicrafts

SAFFY Handicrafts is the marketing arm of SAFRUDI, the Social Action Foundation for Rural and Urban Development, a community development organization that began in 1966. Through their social enterprise program, they help empower marginalized producers and artisans throughout the Philippines.

SAFFY began as a workshop that provided alternative livelihoods for youth and women in marginalized areas of Manila through sewing projects, and now assists some 34 small producers groups. They also run their own unit that specializes in making capiz shell items. Artisans who work with SAFFY benefit from product development assistance, access to markets, micro-financing, technical training and special incentives for quality craftsmanship.

In addition, SAFRUDI's social development programs also include health and nutrition programs, sustainable agriculture projects, and community organizing. SAFFY has a lovely line of capiz shell items, as well as a variety of products made from sustainable wood, natural fibers, and recycled materials.

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Products Made by Saffy Handicrafts

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