Sindyanna of Galilee

Sindyanna of Galilee was established as a nonprofit organization in 1996 to work with the Arab population in western Galilee. Founded and managed by women, Sindyanna's uniqueness is that it works in partnership with Israelis and Palestinians, and that it combines commercial activity and community work.

One of Sindyanna's primary activities is to restore and develop the Arab olive industry in Israel and secure a fair return for Arab farmers. The income from the cultivation of olives has been a mainstay in western Galilee for centuries, but Arab farmers in Israel face many obstacles which make accessing markets and other resources they need difficult. With Sindyanna, Arab farmers are able to sell their crop under fair conditions.

The other goal of Sindyanna is to provide work for women, where work opportunities are scarce. At their warehouse, both Jewish and Arab women are in charge of labeling, packaging, and preparing products for shipping. It is the only facility in the area that employs women. Sindyanna's cold-pressed organic olive oil and their traditional olive oil soap have both been best sellers for us. We have been partnering with Sindyanna since 2003.

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