Small Pink Sari Gift Bag

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This small reusable bag is handcrafted from recycled sari by artisans in India, and is great for wrapping a number of small gifts. Also great for storage! Primarily pink and red tones. Actual color and pattern varies, let us choose for you! 6 1/4"h x 5 1/4"w

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Artisans in East India

About the Artisan

Your purchase builds the skills of poor and marginalized artisan groups in East India, enhancing their access to markets and information, and increasing their income and productivity in a sustainable way.

Since 1990, SERRV International has partnered with artisans in East India, providing a long-term trading partnership and interest-free advance payment for our orders. Through sales of their products, artisans from more than 70 craft groups (many are women), receive improved... Read more...