Women's Bean Project

The Women's Bean Project is a non-profit organization based in Denver which was created to help at-risk women break the cycle of chronic poverty and unemployment. Since 1989 they have been providing skills training, raising self-confidence, and inspiring hope in place of the demoralizing effects of poverty. At any one time, between 18 and 25 women are in training, learning marketable skills for use in the workplace. Women come with the goal of transforming their lives and moving toward self sufficiency.

The Women's Bean Project provides women with immediate income, support services to overcome barriers to employment, and teaches job readiness skills needed to get and keep a job. The women learn skills that allow them to govern their own lives, empowering them to create better lives for themselves, provide their families with hope, and contribute to a stronger community.

The Women's Bean Project also supports small, local farms, sourcing many of the ingredients for their products from local farmers and vendors.

Meet an artisan who works with Women's Bean Project (printable PDF):

Products Made by Women's Bean Project

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