YWCA Of Dhaka

The YWCA of Dhaka Craft Centre was started in 1973 to provide training in sewing and embroidery for women, many of whom had been abandoned or abused by their husbands. Over the years, they have provided training and opportunities for thousands of women. Besides contributing to the family income, the women who participate in the project learn to read and write, and have access to subsidized health care, savings program, interest-free loans, and free legal services.

In addition to the Craft Centre, the YWCA of Dhaka runs a variety of programs that promote women's rights and provide integral services like education, health care, and leadership development. The women of the YWCA Craft Centre use detailed embroidery to embellish a variety of products including textiles, wall hangings, tree skirts, and items made of jute, a natural fiber found abundantly in Bangladesh.

Serrv has been supporting the work of the YWCA Craft Center through the purchases of their crafts for over 20 years.

Meet an artisan who work with YWCA (printable PDF):

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