Thank you for your interest in the SERRV & Earn Program!

Once approved, SERRV will contact you to confirm your custom web link which must be used on all orders for your fundraiser. Please note this may take up to 2 business days.

This fundraiser is online only, through your custom web link. Donations cannot be applied post-order or by phone. The nonprofit identified must be compatible with SERRV's mission and not subject to controversy (SERRVhas right of refusal). We may ask you for additional proof of nonprofit status. Donations will be sent directly to the nonprofit on a quarterly basis.

If you have an existing consignment or wholesale account with SERRV, you must use a different email address for your SERRV & Earn orders for those orders to be included in the donation accrual.

For our Spring/Summer 2020 Campaign, please check your emails for promotion details and codes. A promotion code must be used when orders are placed, to receive any additional offers.



Use proceeds from my Serrv & Earn fundraiser to support Serrv International (if yes, skip down to Section III):


* We will share your fundraiser with the nonprofit you are supporting when we send their donation. This is a legal requirement for us. Select yes to confirm your understanding of this point.


Will this campaign be:
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*Find the Tax ID Number through internet search, on their website, or contact them to request it. This is required for proof of nonprofit status.