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Jewelry Sets
Sunara Leaf Pendant Necklace Sunara Leaf Pendant Necklace
Sunara Leaf Earrings Sunara Leaf Earrings
Tasari 2-Strand Necklace Tasari 2-Strand Necklace
Tasari Multi-Strand Bracelet Tasari Multi-Strand Bracelet
Sahi Pendant Necklace Sahi Pendant Necklace
Sahi Earrings Sahi Earrings
Adra Layered Necklace Adra Layered Necklace
Adra Layered Earrings Adra Layered Earrings
Clara Crystal Necklace Clara Crystal Necklace
Clara Crystal Earrings Clara Crystal Earrings
Sapha Pearl Pendant Necklace Sapha Pearl Pendant Necklace
Sapha Pearl Earrings Sapha Pearl Earrings
Aleta Necklace Aleta Necklace
Mariposa Necklace Mariposa Necklace
Costa Necklace Costa Necklace
Costa Earrings Costa Earrings
Caracol Necklace Caracol Necklace
Caracol Earrings Caracol Earrings
Beehive Silver Necklace Beehive Silver Necklace
Beehive Silver Earrings Beehive Silver Earrings
Love All Around Necklace Love All Around Necklace
Hope & Love Earring Set Hope & Love Earring Set
Nandi Layered Disc Necklace Nandi Layered Disc Necklace
Nandi Multi-Strand Necklace Nandi Multi-Strand Necklace
Nandi Cayenne Disc Earrings Nandi Cayenne Disc Earrings
Lomati Woven Layered Stud Earrings Lomati Woven Layered Stud Earrings
Fara Turkana Necklace Fara Turkana Necklace
Fara Turkana Earrings Fara Turkana Earrings
Turkana Necklace Turkana Necklace
Turkana Earrings Turkana Earrings
Toya Silk Necklace Toya Silk Necklace
Toya Silk Earrings Toya Silk Earrings
Saffa Shell Necklace Saffa Shell Necklace
Saffa Shell Earrings Saffa Shell Earrings
Lakeshore Pendant Necklace  Lakeshore Pendant Necklace
Lakeshore Earrings  Lakeshore Earrings
African Batik Long Natural Necklace African Batik Long Natural Necklace
African Batik Stretch Bracelets - Set of 4 African Batik Stretch Bracelets - Set of 4
African Batik Long Necklace African Batik Long Necklace
African Batik Statement Necklace African Batik Statement Necklace
African Batik Drop Earrings African Batik Drop Earrings
Karena Stretch Bracelets - Set of 5 Karena Stretch Bracelets - Set of 5
Karena Dangle Earrings Karena Dangle Earrings
Karena Arc Earrings Karena Arc Earrings
Java Batik Leather Necklace Java Batik Leather Necklace
Java Batik Leather Cuff Java Batik Leather Cuff
Misha Batik Pendant Misha Batik Pendant
Misha Batik Earrings Misha Batik Earrings
Tegani Necklace Tegani Necklace
Tegani Batik Bangles - Set of 2 Tegani Batik Bangles - Set of 2
Tegani Batik Earrings Tegani Batik Earrings
Mikara Batik Pendant Necklace Mikara Batik Pendant Necklace
Mikara Batik Earrings Mikara Batik Earrings
Bodri Batik Leather Statement Necklace Bodri Batik Leather Statement Necklace
Bodri Batik Leather Cuff Bodri Batik Leather Cuff
Mosaic Brushed Sari Necklace Mosaic Brushed Sari Necklace
Mosaic Brushed Sari Triple-Strand Bracelet  Mosaic Brushed Sari Triple-Strand Bracelet
Anga Batik Pendant Anga Batik Pendant
Ambar Wrap Bracelet Ambar Wrap Bracelet
Makadi Glass Bead Necklace Makadi Glass Bead Necklace
Peacock Makadi Glass Bead Earrings Peacock Makadi Glass Bead Earrings
Tiger Eye Makadi Glass Bead Earrings Tiger Eye Makadi Glass Bead Earrings
Sari Triple Strand Necklace Sari Triple Strand Necklace
Long Multi Sari Bead Necklace Long Multi Sari Bead Necklace
Long Sari Bead and Brass Necklace Long Sari Bead and Brass Necklace
Stretch Sari Bracelet Set Stretch Sari Bracelet Set
Nirala Sari Charms Necklace Nirala Sari Charms Necklace
Recycled Sari Wire Wrap Bangles - Set of 3 Recycled Sari Wire Wrap Bangles - Set of 3
Recycled Sari Wire Wrap Earrings Recycled Sari Wire Wrap Earrings
Lida Tagua Statement Necklace Lida Tagua Statement Necklace
Lida Tagua Bracelets - Set of 2 Lida Tagua Bracelets - Set of 2
Lida Tagua Layered Earrings Lida Tagua Layered Earrings
Emili Tagua Pendant Necklace Emili Tagua Pendant Necklace
Emili Tagua Earrings Emili Tagua Earrings
Tagua Double Crescent Necklace Tagua Double Crescent Necklace
Tagua Crescent Necklace Tagua Crescent Necklace
Tranquility Necklace Tranquility Necklace
Happy Necklace Happy Necklace
Majani Weave Necklace Majani Weave Necklace
Majani Weave Earrings Majani Weave Earrings
Ginkgo Drop Open Choker Ginkgo Drop Open Choker
Ginkgo Drop Cuff Ginkgo Drop Cuff
Ginkgo Drop Earrings Ginkgo Drop Earrings
Peace Virtues Bracelets - Set of 3 Peace Virtues Bracelets - Set of 3
Faith Virtues Bracelets - Set of 3 Faith Virtues Bracelets - Set of 3
Khadi Earring Pedestal Khadi Earring Pedestal
Khadi Elephant Ring Dish Khadi Elephant Ring Dish