Very Attractive

Nov 15, 2023  |  Posted By Mark T. Robinson from Northville, AL United States

The plan is to give these to my wife at Christmas. I'm sure that she will enjoy them and that they will go well with some of her outfits.

Soltar Drop Earrings are Drop-Dead Gorgeous!

Sep 15, 2023  |  Posted By Linda Larson from San Antonio, TX United States

I ordered these beautiful earrings last week - in fact, I'm wearing them now! I have already received compliments on how lovely they are. They shimmer and dance in the light. The copper goes with lots of clothing in my wardrobe, and they are perfect for fall. I am very happy with this purchase, and happy that they were on sale as well!


Jul 14, 2023  |  Posted By Martha from Durham, NC United States

These are pretty, but I'm going to gift them to someone with a more majestic stature than myself.