46364 - Lidded Double Vine Breadwarmer

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Elegant and practical

Jun 8, 2024  |  Posted By Deanna H Christiansen from Barrington, NH United States

To think this inscribed, whitewashed warming tile and this perfectly coiled basket-- and lid! With a charming wooden handle! are made by hand makes this almost too good to be true. A beautiful addition to the table, and freshly warmed bread besides!

Lidded double vine Breadwarmer

Apr 3, 2024  |  Posted By Twanda K Diaz from Crozet, VA United States


I recommend

Mar 24, 2024  |  Posted By Sheri Ferguson from Seattle , WA United States

I ordered three warners as gifts and they are really great. Good quality and fast shipping.

I'd buy it again!

Mar 17, 2024  |  Posted By MicheLLe Coats from Crossville, TN United States

I fell in love with the Lidded Double Vine Bread warmer when I first saw in online. When it was delivered (amazingly fast!) I was so happy; it was even more beautiful in real life! The lid fits perfectly, the bread stays warm and fresh and the friends have seen it want one too.

Wonderful addition to our table

Mar 14, 2024  |  Posted By Barbara Cote from Summerdale, AL United States

It arrived as described and did have a very earthy smell to it. I let it air out and they sprayed lightly with vinegar and water. Our bread now stays warm all through our meal! Wonderful!!!

Can't get rid of the smell

Dec 3, 2023  |  Posted By Terry from Fort Collins, CO United States

I bought this basket in September, 2023, and after 2 1/2 months it still has the "earthy" smell described in the product brochure. The recommended airing out for a few days is a joke. I have tried repeated airings, baking soda, vinegar, and every combination of the above. Functionally, it works as advertised. But it is rendered unusable by the persistent odor.

Bread basket

May 19, 2023  |  Posted By Heather Stevens from Brighton, MI United States

Beautiful! And so practical- For any bread or pastry. My family loves them a bit warm and this is the perfect thing to help. I display it on my fridge when not in use- that's how pretty it is.

Nicely made and the stone is marvelous

May 9, 2023  |  Posted By Renee Nunamaker from Pullman, WA United States

I really like this bread server and can't wait to use it. The workmanship is very nice on both the basket and the stone.

Lidded Double Vine Breadwarmer

Mar 21, 2023  |  Posted By Miriam from Magee, MS United States

I love this breadwarmer. Not only is it attractive but it keeps the bread warm at a perfect temperature. I liked it so much I bought two more for gifts.