Our Impact on Fair Trade

Over 75 years, we've been fortunate to be a part of and witness the positive impact that fair trade has on communities around the world.

From providing steady employment and basic healthcare to artisans to sending children to school, our partners have done amazing things through fair trade and a trading partnership with SERRV.

Here's what they asked us to share with you:
  • Aspirations International in India: "[We're proud to] see our artisans opening up their [own] workshops and... now providing work opportunities to others in need."
  • Camari in Ecuador: "Thanks to [SERRV's] commitment we have achieved keeping entire families in good living conditions."
  • Dominion Traders in Pakistan: "Since its inception in 1947, Dominion has never asked a single employee to leave the organization... Our craftsman and employees' weddings and funerals [are] celebrated [like they're] our own families'."
  • JusTea in Kenya: "Our work in Kenya over the past 10 years has created employment for over 200 families."
  • Pekerti in Indonesia: "Pekerti became one of the first Fair Trade organizations in Indonesia and one of the initiators of the Indonesian Fair Trade Forum. In addition, for more than 47 years Pekerti has consistently worked to help improve the standard of living of hundreds of artisans in Indonesia."
  • KTS in Nepal: "Our focus on primary education, orphanages, vocational skill training, and income-generating programs has enabled us to create pathways for individuals who would have otherwise faced limited prospects."
  • Bright Endeavors in the US: "Since Bright Endeavors started about 13 years ago, we've employed over 500 young moms in Chicago."
  • BFTA in the West Bank: "While we started as a small organization supporting just a few artisans, we are now [one of] the main representative[s] of Palestinian handcrafts in Palestine."
artisans from around the world