Testimonials from Friends of SERRV

Our mission is only possible with support from our fair trade community. Thank you!

Here's what a few of our friends and former board members have to say about SERRV.

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Bob Chase, former CEO:

"Three quarters of a century ago a small group of committed volunteers started a movement which has changed the lives of literally millions of artisans and farmers across the globe. Fair Trade's focus on small scale, sustainable development, putting people and the planet before profits, is more relevant today than ever!"

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Cathy Dowdell, former Loan Fund Director and Board Chair

"SERRV enables me to act locally and influence globally. I vote with my dollars to make the world a little bit better. My investment in the SERRV Loan Fund helps pay it forward to artisans and farmers while they make products. Buying products online helps finance SERRV's continued investment in the artisans' future."

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Docey Lewis, former Product Design Consultant

"Amid the prevalent challenges of our contemporary world, the principles and values embodied by SERRV hold the potential to offer a much-needed remedy. In a time marked by widespread issues, the infusion of the SERRV ethos would undoubtedly be a beneficial force for positive change."

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Frank Millero, former Board member

"SERRV embodies true sustainability by supporting economic independence, restoring ecosystems, and promoting healthy communities. And SERRV accomplishes all of that while creating unique products that celebrate the diversity of craft traditions from around the world! SERRV and its many dedicated supporters showed me how collective actions can change lives!"

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Julio Zegarra-Ballon, former Board member and owner of Zee Bee Market

"I launched Zee Bee Market with the goal to bring Fair Trade shopping options to the St. Louis community. SERRV was one of my suppliers then and for almost 10 years, their commitment to using trade as a force for good continues to inspire me to grow our mission. Small business owners need allies and friends to fulfill our goals and ambitions. It is so easy to accomplish both with SERRV as a partner. Thank you for all you do."

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Roopa Mehta, president of the WFTO Board and Sasha Association for Craft Producers

"SERRV as a pioneering fair trade organisation has FT values embedded in its business policies and processes, demonstrating its deep commitment to address social, economic and environmental inequities. SERRV's contribution to the fair trade movement and to IFAT/WFTO (World Fair Trade Organisation) over its 75 years is noteworthy. Congratulations and best wishes on your onward journey."