Artisanal Handcraft Collections

We're thrilled to share these time-honored traditions with you on behalf of the global artisans we partner with through fair trade. We hope you enjoy discovering every technique, design, and material.

Artisanal Handcraft Collections

More than just a form of art, handcraft production is one of the ways small-scale artisans around the world earn a vital income. By selling their handmade products through fair trade, they can support their families while keeping traditional techniques alive. All of SERRV's handcrafts are ethically-made by global artisans, bringing you beautiful global gifts and providing employment opportunities to artisans in India, Ghana, Vietnam, and more.

Traditional Handicraft Products

SERRV carries a wide variety of handicrafts from around the world, crafted by hand using techniques passed down through generations of skilled artisans, and influenced and inspired by traditional designs, colors, and motifs. Our selection of batik handcrafts from Indonesia and our indigo dabu prints from India feature timeless resist-dye methods, while our kalamkari fabrics are block printed with vegetable dyes using a process that's thousands of years old. Find your next display-worthy artisan craft and support fair trade today.

Eco-Friendly Artisan Crafts

Shop a wide variety of sustainable handcrafts made by artisans from Peru to the Philippines. Made with upcycled and natural materials, these classic and traditionally-inspired home accents, fashion pieces, and garden decorations will add global color to your home, or make beautiful and unique gifts for any occasion. Our recycled sari artisan crafts are made using upcycled cotton saris in bright colors and patterns, and feature a wide variety of handicraft products, from sari bags and jewelry to sustainable kitchen textiles and storage solutions. Looking for something more natural? Try fair trade tagua pieces, made by artisans in Ecuador who turn natural tagua nuts into art. Handcrafts featuring natural materials often incorporate traditional motifs like the lotus and mandala, which are important symbols to many cultures, providing both sustainable income for a skilled artisan and a way to preserve pieces of the past.