Enjoy our collection of beautiful batik handcrafts from artisans in Indonesia and Kenya! The patterns are created by covering sections with wax or a similar substance by hand, then dyeing the uncovered areas, then removing the wax. This intricate process is repeated for every unique color.

Batik Handcrafts

Batiking is the art of resist-dyeing using wax on fabric, wood, and other materials to create beautiful handmade art pieces and accessories. Practiced for over two thousand years, this unique art style is also an Intangible Cultural Heritage. You'll find incredible, ethical home accents, jewelry, and more when you shop fair trade batik crafts.

Batik Art

Bring global color and style to your home with accents featuring batik designs from SERRV. Our artisan-made batik handicrafts add both style and color to your home, and lend interest to any space. Combine nature and fair trade with a tall handmade batik bird or giraffe sculpture, made with sustainable and fast-growing sengon wood and batiked by artisans in Indonesia. Pair with the smaller version for even more batik color!

For the holidays, shop our collection of festive batik accents. Our popular Batik Holiday Trees and Reindeer make a delightful winter scene with their nature-inspired batik patterns, beautiful together or on their own. You can also add cultural color to your tree with hand-batiked ornaments, ethically made in Indonesia. These one-of-a-kind batik "cookies" add a splash of color on any branch, and also look great on mantels and shelves.

Batik Jewelry

Wear batik everywhere you go with an ethically-made batik necklace, earrings, or bracelet from SERRV. Each unique accessory is crafted in Kenya or Indonesia using traditional techniques, making each fair trade batik jewelry piece a work of art. Our sengon wood batik jewelry collections are great for wearing all year round! Lightweight and one-of-a-kind, each sustainable necklace or pair of earrings lends instant style to your outfit, and supports artisans in Indonesia. For more cultural appeal, our handmade African Batik Collection is sure to please. Natural bone beads are carved and dyed with traditional batik techniques by artisans in Kenya, and paired with brass and neutral accents. For a little more color, our fair trade leather batik jewelry collections are a perfect fit. Using genuine leather, artisans in Indonesia cut, batik, and dye each one in intricate naturally-inspired designs. Whatever your style, you'll find the perfect fit when you shop fair trade.