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Handmade Bird Houses & Feeders

Birdwatching is a relaxing and rewarding pastime, and a great way to bring birds to your backyard is with a decorative birdhouse. You'll find a wide selection of eco-friendly bird houses and feeders here at SERRV. Our birdhouses can be mounted on outdoor walls or posts, or hung from tree branches and hooks to give your feathered friends a safe and cozy space to raise a family. Plus, you'll bring fair trade charm and personality to your home!

Decorative Birdhouses

From rustic to country charm to a little whimsy, we offer handmade birdhouses in a variety of styles and materials. Choose from:

  • Natural woven grass and vine bird houses from the Philippines
  • Hand-painted gourd birdhouses from Peru
  • Natural and painted wooden bird houses from India & the Philippines
  • Recycled sari, banana leaf, and rice straw bird houses from Bangladesh
  • Recycled metal bird houses hand painted with mehndi-inspired designs from India

Whichever material you choose, you can be sure it'll make a sturdy home for a family of chickadees, finches, wrens, or other birdhouse visitors. Our birdhouses also make delightful indoor décor!

Unique Bird Feeders

A great way to get birds to come to and stay in your yard is a plentiful source of food. Put out some bird seed in a fair trade bird feeder from SERRV. Made by hand, each bird feeder is truly unique, and supports artisans around the world. Hang up a hand-carved Coconut Hummingbird Feeder or one of our many decorative metal bird seed holders and fill it with a nutritious birdseed blend, or use our Clever Kitty Suet Feeder for energy-boosting suet blocks.

Butterfly Houses & More

In addition to setting up bird houses for your flying feathered friends, you can make your home and garden a pollinator's paradise when you shop bee and butterfly houses at SERRV. Set up a colorful handmade butterfly house to attract these beautiful seasonal guests while providing them a source of protection from weather and predators. You can also give mason bees a home with our handmade eco-friendly Mason Bee House. To top it all off, hang a rustic bird bath as a water source for all these high-flying friends.

Need some inspiration? Check out our blog for tips and tricks to making your home and garden a bird and butterfly friendly spot.