In West Africa, where most of the world's cocoa is grown, many farmers still face poverty and exploitation, including forced child labor. SERRV's fair trade chocolate comes from small-scale cocoa farmers who earn a fair trade premium and have safe working conditions. Divine Chocolate is also partly owned by cocoa farmers themselves - a unique model of farmer empowerment.

Fair Trade Chocolate

The most delicious chocolate in the world is chocolate that is ethically made. That's why fair trade chocolate tastes so good--farmers around the world receive fair prices for their cacao beans, and are able to support themselves and their families free from exploitation. SERRV carries a variety of delicious fair trade chocolates, from smooth milk to bold dark. You'll find a flavor for everyone.

Chocolate Bars

Choose from several delicious flavors of fair trade chocolate, including Divine Chocolate from Ghana! Whether you're looking for dark chocolate with raspberries or flavorful milk chocolate with toffee and sea salt, there's sure to be a bar that'll satisfy your sweet tooth. Order cases of your favorite flavors to stash away for chocolate cravings or give as gifts to teachers and neighbors! Plus, you'll be able to tell the story of a cocoa farmer earning a fair price for their crop, making each bar even sweeter.

Sharable Artisan Chocolates

Looking for stocking stuffers, Easter egg fillers, or decorative bars for baking? Look no further! We have several sizes of Divine Chocolate for any occasion, like our delightful mini bars perfect for sampling or our small bars which are great for chocolate emergencies.

Seasonal Chocolates

We know Christmas and Easter call for something a little more special, which is why we have delicious artisan chocolates for the occasion. We carry milk, dark, and candy-coated fair trade chocolate eggs for Easter baskets (or just for eating!), and smooth milk chocolate advent calendars and chocolate coins from Divine Chocolate. We also have exclusive seasonal flavors for the Christmas season that vary year to year.

Chocolate Gifts & More

Whether you're celebrating a birthday, giving a sweet gift for Christmas, or saying thanks to a helpful friend, you'll find the perfect fair trade chocolate gifts here at SERRV. Find chocolate gift boxes and baskets to give to the chocoholics in your life, or fair trade gift pouches with mini chocolate bars for holiday gift exchanges. We also carry a variety of other delicious and ethically made chocolate items, including crispy chocolate snack thins and rich hot chocolate.