Fair Trade Coffee & Tea

Whether it's your morning cup of coffee or an afternoon tea, you can find delicious, ethically-sourced hot beverages from around the world at SERRV. Put a global spin on your morning caffeine when you brew a pot of coffee from Ethiopia or a fruity purple tea from Kenya, and support small-scale tea and coffee farmers, producers, and suppliers with a fair and vital income through farming.

Global Coffee

Start your day off right with a cup of organic fair trade coffee! SERRV carries gourmet coffees from around the world, all ethically sourced and purchased from small-scale coffee farmers earning fair prices for their crops, and investing in education for women and other community improvement projects. Enjoy the perfect cup guilt-free! We have a handful of varieties--each blended and roasted to perfection--for coffee connoisseurs of all kinds. Enjoy a bright and sunny light roast from Guatemala, a rich medium roast from Nicaragua, or a bold and complex dark roast from Peru. You'll find your new favorite organic coffee here at SERRV. We also carry whole bean coffee for those who like to grind their own beans.

Loose-Leaf Tea

Steep a flavorful cup of loose-leaf tea, and enjoy the unique flavors grown by small-scale farmers in Kenya. We offer a variety of loose-leaf teas, all with their own unique flavors and benefits. Wake up with a classic black tea to boost heart health, get your afternoon pick-me-up with an exotic purple tea high in antioxidants, then wind down your evening and support a healthy immune system with a soft and soothing herbal. Plus, every fair trade tea we offer is ethically-sourced and helps sustain rural communities by providing fair and vital employment opportunities for tea farmers. Want to try them all? Choose from three different loose-leaf samplers, each of which includes three fair trade teas to enjoy.

Hot Chocolate

It's never too hot for hot chocolate, and Divine Chocolate offers some of the best! This rich and creamy drink is crafted from ethically-sourced cocoa beans in Ghana, and is easy to make--just add milk! You'll enjoy a delicious cup of hot chocolate, and cocoa farmers can invest in women's literacy in rural villages.