Key Stats

Capital: Jerusalem

Population: 8.3 million

Average life expectancy: 83 years

Literacy rate: 98%

Population living below poverty line: 22%

Population without electricity: 0

Population without access to safe drinking water: 0

Most widely spoken language: Hebrew

Source: The World Factbook

About Israel

Located on the Mediterranean Sea, Israel is bordered by Egypt, the Gaza Strip, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and the West Bank. Israel is only slightly larger than the state of New Jersey but has deep historical roots and has faced periods of extreme conflict. Income inequality and high housing and commodity prices continue to be a concern for many Israelis. With a diverse culture that stemming from the diversity of its population, Israel is also home to a growing olive oil industry that is quickly gaining international recognition.

  • Olive Growers in Israel

    Arab farmers in Israel receive a fair price for their crops, and Palestinian and Israeli women receive greater economic opportunity through fair trade,
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