Key Stats

Capital: Mexico City

Population: 124.5 million

Average life expectancy: 76 years

Literacy rate: 95%

Population living below poverty line: 46%

Population without electricity: 1.2 million

Population without access to safe drinking water: 4.9 million

Most widely spoken language: Spanish

Source: The World Factbook

About Mexico

Mexico is a vibrant country of colorful traditions and culture. It has a vast history of ancient civilizations and indigenous populations, more than 60 of which are represented there today. Home to one of the largest cities in the world, Mexico City, the country also faces problems of overpopulation and citizens living in poverty. A top producer of the world's silver, Mexico has a long tradition of jewelry making. Most of the fine jewelry is made in silver, with the most important center being Taxco, Guerrero.

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