Fair Trade Ceramic Mugs & Teapots

Many people start their day with a cup of hot coffee or tea. To make your daily routine more sustainable, choose an ethically-crafted fair trade mug or teapot from SERRV. Choose from several beautiful colors and styles, from our popular and light Dragonfly Ceramics to our bold blue Lak Lake Collection, we have a handcrafted mug or teapot that fits your style. Find the perfect fit when you shop fair trade.

Handmade Ceramic Mugs

Whether you enjoy coffee or tea, a handmade ceramic mug from SERRV makes your cup that much more delightful. Sip a light brew from a hand-thrown mug from Nepal, or enjoy a hot tea in a sustainably-made ceramic mug from Bat Trang, Vietnam. With a variety of colors and styles, you'll find the mug that's perfect for you while supporting a small-scale artisan with vital income. But a beautiful and eco-friendly ceramic mug doesn't just have to be for coffee and tea. Our handcrafted mugs are also great for hot chocolate, mulled cider, lattes, espresso, and more. Pair a ceramic coffee mug with some fair trade organic coffee or a tin of loose-leaf tea, and you have an instant gift for the hot beverage lover in your life!

Handcrafted Ceramic Teapots

Green, black, white, purple, herbal--whatever your tea of choice, if you're using loose-leaf tea (which we recommend!), you need a way to steep the tea. Our ceramic teapots are the perfect solution. Attractive, ethical, and eco-friendly, a fair trade ceramic teapot can make the perfect cup of tea even tastier. Handmade in Bat Trang, Vietnam, our teapots come in multiple styles and designs. If you're entertaining a crowd, our Tea Infuser Teapots look great on the table and hold enough tea for multiple cups. Looking for something just for you? Our Tea for One sets include a ceramic teapot that steeps enough for two cups and a generously-sized ceramic mug which stacks for easy storage.

Caring for Your Mugs & Teapots

Our fair trade ceramic mugs and teapots are microwave and dishwasher safe, which makes them super easy to use! To prolong the life of your teapot or coffee mug, you can always hand wash the ceramic. Our fair trade mugs and teapots are also tested for lead content, and are safe to use in accordance with FDA guidelines. When treated well, our handcrafted ceramics can last for years, making them sustainable alternatives to plastic and glass.