Handmade Nativity Sets

From hand-painted terracotta to hand-carved wood, SERRV has over 20 handmade nativity sets from around the world. Find the perfect nativity for your holiday today. Every nativity is ethically made from a sustainable material and brings artistry to your Christmas decoration collection.

Indonesian Wooden Nativities

All of our hand-carved Indonesian wooden nativity scenes are artisan made. Our popular Indonesian nativities are handcrafted from sustainable alstonia, albizia, acacia, toona, or sengon woods. From detailed and delicate batik-style painting to rough and rustic carving, each handmade nativity set is one-of-a-kind and a beautiful reminder of the season.

Kenyan Nativities

Natural soapstone is selected, carved, and dyed by hand by artisans in Kenya to create beautiful nativity scenes. From bright white to soft turquoise to midnight black, each unique handcrafted nativity set brings global beauty to your holiday.

Peruvian Nativity Scenes

Our Peruvian nativity scenes feature natural terracotta that is molded and fired before being hand-painted in a variety of colors and styles. Our Tranquil Teal Nativity highlights bold blue on smiling figures. Also from Peru, the incredibly detailed and miniature Matchbox nativities include hand-painted clay figures and backdrops in old matchboxes. Great for collectors or as stocking stuffers!

West Bank Nativities

Nothing is more meaningful than a nativity carved by artisans in the Holy Land itself. Each olive wood nativity is carved by a Palestinian artisan from the West Bank with incredible attention to detail. These small nativity scenes are perfect for shelves, desks, mantels, or foyers, and are a beautiful reminder of the Christmas story.

More Global Nativities

Find the perfect global nativity from SERRV. From recycled oil drums hand-embossed by artisans in Haiti, to the hand-carved and youthfully painted Bright Wood Nativity from Sri Lanka, you'll find the perfect handmade nativity set for your home. You'll also find nativities for your tree when you shop the unique holiday decorations we have to offer.