Quilling Art from Vietnam

Quilling is the coiling and shaping of narrow strips of paper to create a design. Using specialized quilling supplies, including a slotted end tool, toothpicks, and paper piercing tools, skilled artisans in Vietnam roll thin paper strips into tight coils and shapes, creating colorful and unique holiday decorations, quilled paper cards, and more. Quilled paper crafts became popular in the 16th century, though quilling tools and techniques have been around since Ancient Egypt. Find over a dozen beautiful examples of fair trade quilled paper crafts in our Quilling Collection.

Quilled Christmas Ornaments

When you decorate with a handmade quilled Christmas ornament, you add instant color and texture to your holiday tree while supporting skilled artisans preserving traditional crafting techniques. From colorful birds made with quilling to our beautiful Quilled Paper Holly Wreath, each of these handmade quilled paper crafts is made by a fair trade artisan in Vietnam earning vital income for their crafts. Find colorful quilled paper crafts such as our customer-favorite Unicorn Ornament and Berry Quilled Christmas Balls. For an eco-friendly option, our Recycled Paper Quilled Peace Sign Ornament or our popular Quilled Angels Ornaments Set is a great option, made using strips of recycled newspapers. Our handmade quilled paper crafts also make great sustainable Christmas gifts!

Quilled Easter Décor

Whether you're decorating for Easter or filling an Easter gift basket, quilled paper crafts are a perfect addition. One of our most popular styles is our Spring Radiance Set, made in bright spring pastels. Our unique and colorful fair trade Easter eggs made from dozens of quilled paper strips look great on shelves or in a Natural Nest. We also carry Easter-themed ornaments and critters, all made from quilled paper. Our Quilled Pastel Lambs and Bunnies are replete with texture and color, artisan made, and crafted using traditional quilling tools. Each makes a charming addition to any décor.