Our Environmental Commitment

Environmental degradation is linked directly to poverty in much of the world. We recognize that our mission to eradicate poverty cannot happen without a thriving environment and healthy, sustainable practices. That's why sustainability is a vital part of our focus.

All of our work focuses on improving the lives of our artisan partners. We work closely with them to ensure they use high quality, sustainable, and safe materials. They are dedicated to creating processes and procedures that benefit their local environment and community, and we believe our role is to help them reach these goals. By continually striving to make our products as earth-friendly as possible, they are good for the artisans, good for you, and good for the earth.

At our two locations in Madison, WI and New Windsor, MD, Serrv staff incorporate sustainability into all aspects of our operations. From office practices to shipping and receiving, Serrv aims to conduct our business with high environmental standards.

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Learn how our partners are positively impacting their communities.

We have environmental guidelines for the materials used in the products we purchase and most of our food items are organically grown. As our products are made by hand, minimal electricity is used in production.

Several of our artisan and farmer partner organizations invest in protecting and healing their local environments through projects such as wastewater treatment, tree reforestation, and solar lighting.

The majority of Serrv products are shipped by sea freight, which is much less polluting than air freight. We also encourage our staff to walk, bike, bus, or carpool to work.

Serrv has purchasing guidelines for our office supplies, to ensure our cleaning and paper supplies are environmentally friendly choices.

We strive to reduce our waste by reusing packaging materials, encouraging reusable products, and recycling. Recycling is required in both of our locations. We also utilize recycled or remnant materials in many of our products and use recycled-content and/or FSC-certified paper products as much as possible. Our catalogs use inks with renewable resource content.

Full-time permanent staff are provided with 8 hours of paid time per year to volunteer for an environmental cause. Staff are also rewarded for sharing ideas to make Serrv more green.