Eco-Friendly Essentials For Waste Free Living

Waste-Free Living with Eco-friendly Products

Live a greener lifestyle when you shop eco-friendly products at SERRV. It might seem daunting at first, but you can easily make more eco-friendly choices and substitute reusable for disposable with fair trade! Our handcrafts are made with the planet in mind. We work with our artisan and farmer partners around the world to use natural and recycled materials, employ sustainable crafting practices, and invest in the environment through green initiatives like solar panel installation, tree planting and more. We also work to bring you high-quality, long-lasting products so you don't have to purchase replacements, keeping old tools and décor out of the landfill and in your home.

Sustainable Home

Make your home a little greener with ethically-made, sustainable, and recycled items from SERRV. Our wide range of home décor pieces are made with a variety of sustainable materials, from fast-growing grasses to recycled fabrics. Our Rethread Throws & Pillows are woven from upcycled clothing, which helps keep used clothes out of the landfill and provides a source of fair and vital wages for artisans in India. Our recycled sari quilts and throws are another colorful and eco-conscious way to make a difference. Each one is hand-stitched from recycled cotton saris, giving these fabrics a second chance while giving you a cozy and sustainable way to go a little greener. Keep your recycled throws in an eco-friendly basket, perfect for storage or colorful décor.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen

What better place to go green than where you eat your greens? Our eco-friendly kitchen collection features natural terracotta, fast-growing woods, recycled items and more to support a sustainable lifestyle. Prep dinner using our bamboo utensils, eco-friendly rolling pins and mortar & pestle sets, or serve in ethical style with a ceramic mug or wooden platter. Choose a set of our popular Kantha Dish Towels or our Kantha Napkins, each made from recycled saris, and get rid of single use paper. For clean-up and storage, we have sustainable dish cloths and scrubbers made from upcycled yarns and fabrics, and bowl covers and containers made using eco-friendly materials.

Sustainable Garden

Go even greener in your garden when you shop eco-friendly products at SERRV. Our wide range of handmade garden products features a variety of sustainable materials, from recycled feedbag totes and baskets to recycled oil drum garden stakes and art from Haiti. Decorate with natural galtang vine wreaths and birdhouses, or make music with recycled metal and bamboo chimes. You'll find the perfect ethical addition to your garden when you shop fair trade.

Eco-Friendly Fashion & Travel

Green looks good on everyone. Find your new favorite upcycled accessory from SERRV. From recycled sari necklaces to fast-growing sengon wood earrings, you'll find a naturally-inspired and eco-friendly accent perfect for your wardrobe.

Waste-free living doesn't have to stop when you're on the go! Our eco-friendly travel collection helps you live sustainably while giving recycled items around the world a second chance. Plus, every purchase supports global artisans. Keep your suitcase organized with a kantha toiletries bag or Sari Packing Cubes made with hand-stitched recycled saris. Eating on the go? We have you covered! Our Bamboo Travel Utensil Set has everything you need to enjoy dinner out while eliminating single-use plastic from your life.

Sustainable Gifts

Want to help loved ones join you on a journey to a more eco-friendly lifestyle? We have hundreds of sustainable gifts from around the world. From cotton tablecloths and throws to natural onyx kitchen and jewelry, we have something for everyone on your list that's ethically made and fair trade. Need gifting inspiration? Check out our Sustainable Gift Guide!