West Bank

Key Stats

Capital: Jerusalem / Ramallah / Ariel (disputed)

Population: 2.7 million

Average life expectancy: 75 years

Literacy rate: 97%

Population living below poverty line: 18%

Population without electricity: 80,900

Population without access to safe drinking water: 1.1 million

Most widely spoken language: Arabic

About West Bank

The West Bank is about the size of Delaware and is located in the Middle East. It is found just west of Jordan, on the Jordan River, and just east of Israel. The larger of two areas comprising the Palestinian territories, the West Bank has been immersed in conflict, corruption, and discrimination for years. A variety of handicrafts and foods, many of which have been produced by Arabs in Palestine for hundreds of years, continue to be produced today.

West Bank
  • Handcrafters in West Bank

    Handcrafters in West Bank develop their social rights and communities through local handcrafting traditions and become active agents in their own livelihoods.
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  • Artisans in West Bank

    Fair trade helps Palestinian artisans affected by the separation wall between Israel and the West Bank receive employment and reduce poverty.
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