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4 Great Ways To Celebrate Fair Trade Month


October is Fair Trade Month! Though we at SERRV celebrate fair trade every day of the year, this month is a great opportunity to reflect on its importance and how we're making a difference in lives around the globe. It's also a time to think about how we as individuals can continue to support fair trade. The Fair Trade Federation created a helpful list to get us started.

How you can support fair trade


Spread the word about fair trade

One of the best ways you can support fair trade is by telling others about it! Many people may not know what fair trade is, or may not understand its importance. This is where you come in! By sharing the mission and purpose behind fair trade, you help others become aware of how important it is to support it. Need someplace to start? We've gathered a few resources to help you begin the conversation.

SERRV: Fair and ethical trade is at the core of what we do. Read more about how we're supporting fair trade here. You can also spread the word by hosting a SERRV & Earn event in your community! Learn more about our Online Fundraiser and Trunk Show programs, where you can share handmade crafts and foods as well as the stories from artisans and farmers while raising funds.

The Fair Trade Federation: Co-founded by SERRV in 1990, the FTF is an association dedicated to equitable and sustainable fair trade partnerships here in the United States, and is a leader in fair trade. You can learn more here.  

Our partners in Moradabad using partially recycled metals to create fair trade home décor pieces.

Purchase fair trade products

This holiday season, you'll read emails and watch ads from hundreds of companies vying for your dollars. Why not support small-scale artisans and farmers by purchasing handmade fair trade products, especially those verified by FTF? From chocolate and coffee to baskets and birdhouses, there's a gift for everyone. Plus, there are many benefits to buying fair trade.

  • High Quality: Fair trade artisans and farmers have high expectations when it comes to the quality of their handcrafts and foods, and use only the finest materials and ingredients when making their products.
  • Unique: Fair trade crafts are made of recycled or natural materials, so you're getting a one-of-a-kind handcrafted gift. Each artisan-made product also tells a story, which makes it even more personal.
  • Make a Difference: When you buy ethically made products, you're supporting the artisan or farmer behind that handcraft or food, helping them obtain vital employment and earn a fair wage. Plus, you're ensuring materials are ethically obtained, and that the environment is being cared for throughout the process.
  Need some gift ideas? You can find a variety of fair trade gifts for everyone on your list at SERRV.

Pick a handcrafted gift this season! Our Kantha Napkins and other ethically made kitchen textiles are perfect for Christmas, wedding gifts & and more.

Shop at your local fair trade store

There are tons of reasons to shop your local fair trade store! From supporting your community and stimulating the local economy to getting to know business owners and receiving personalized customer service, it's hard to argue with shopping small. Those extra dollars are making a difference-- not just for the business owners, but also the artisans and farmers you're supporting when you shop fair trade in your city.

Want to know if you have a store near you? Use our Store Locator to find a fair trade store carrying SERRV products near you.  


Our friends Anna and Lee, small business owners of the Latitudes Fair Trade stores in Virginia! Find out if they have a store near you.

Advocate for racial justice alongside fair trade

As a fair trade community, we strive to ensure all people have equal rights. But in an inherently racist system, it's too easy to overlook the injustices done to the Black and Brown communities here in our own backyard. By shopping fair trade, you help us continue to fight for equal rights for all people, both in the United States and abroad. Fair trade is for everyone, and by sharing it with your community, you help us all become more inclusive and combat the racist precedents in many aspects of our lives.


A photo from the SERRV Store in downtown Madison, WI in Summer 2020, during the protests calling for racial justice.

Still have questions about fair trade and what you can do to learn more? Email us at marketing@serrv.org.

As always, thank you for your support of SERRV and our mission to support global artisans and farmers as they build a sustainable future for themselves and their families through fair trade.

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