Earth Day 2021: How SERRV Is Working To Restore Our Earth


It can come as a surprise that climate change is so directly linked to poverty. But sadly, those who've had little to do with the human causes of climate change are often the ones most negatively affected by climate change's adverse effects.

According to the the 2021 Earth Day Campaign, the connection between climate change and poverty is undeniable.  

"Low-income, indigenous, and communities of color are already bearing the brunt of climate change and are disproportionately on the front lines of environmental disasters."

As we celebrate Earth Day 2021, and take on this year's challenge to Restore our Earth, we're reminded of the effect of climate change of the world's most vulnerable. Reduced access to safe drinking water negatively affects the health of poor people. Droughts, flooding, and deforestation affect those livelihoods that rely on natural resources and agriculture, threatening food security in many countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

While a lot of damage has already been done, it's not too late to make a positive impact on our natural environment - and by supporting fair trade, you're already doing that!

Here's how.  

At SERRV International, we believe in the power of our planet to teach and inspire prosperity. There's much our planet can teach us, and we're listening, learning, and implementing sustainable practices throughout the production and journey of each of our handcrafts.

Sustainable natural materials

In order to lessen the impact on the environment during the handcraft production process, we encourage our partners to use eco-friendly crafting methods and sustainable, fast-growing woods and grasses.

Sustainable galtang vine

Natural elephant grass

Fast-growing sisal


Galtang vine and takip-asin wood are sustainable, fast-growing, and perfect for outdoor birdhouses and décor. Our artisan partners in the Philippines often utilize these natural materials (and more!).

Our partners in Ghana, Uganda, and eSwatini all weave beautiful baskets using natural raffia, elephant, and sisal grasses.  

Recycled Materials

In addition to using natural sustainable materials, we also encourage our partners to use whatever materials are available, including recycled clothing, metals, paper & more.

Recycled sari fabric

Used oil drum art

Quilled recycled paper


Our partners in India and Bangladesh utilize recycled metal and sari in many of their handcrafts, keeping tons of discarded materials out of landfills.

In Haiti, our talented artisan partners cut, shape, and paint used oil drums to turn non-biodegradable materials into works of wall art perfect for indoor s or out.

In Vietnam, one of our artisan partners create unique and colorful holiday décor items from strips of recycled newspapers and magazines.

Eco-friendly communities 

We also support our artisan partners in their endeavors to improve their community's impact on the environment, providing financial assistance for projects like reforestation, wastewater treatment, and solar lighting.

Our partners in Bangladesh planting trees

Our partners in Kenya with a new well

Our partners in Nepal saving energy with solar panels


Reduced Emissions

SERRV transports the vast majority of our handcrafts by cargo ship, resulting in longer transit times but reducing CO2 output and environmental impact from air freight.


Our warehouse Green Machine shredding cardboard

Recycled Packaging

At our warehouse in Maryland, we recycle the cartons arriving from our artisan partners around the word into packing material for our customer shipments. Our "Green Machine" helps us repurpose nearly 40,000lbs of cardboard cartons every year, eliminating our need to buy craft paper or plastic wrap for packaging products. It also keeps excess cardboard out of landfills, a protecting fragile products and eliminating breakage and unnecessary waste.

Shredded cardboard helps protect handcrafts during shipping

Here's How You Can Help

There are many things all of us can do to help #RestoreOurEarth this Earth Day!

  • Volunteer with a local climate advocacy group for Earth Day. Pick up trash, plant trees, and participate in other Earth-friendly activities.
  • Invest in reusable home goods. Our Kantha Dish Towels and Sari Produce Bags are great alternatives to disposable paper and plastic!
  • Advocate for climate action in your community
  • Support a national or international nonprofit working to obtain climate justice
  • Shop fair trade and handmade, supporting small business and eco-friendly crafting methods instead of large factory production

For more ideas on how you can do your part to Restore Our Earth, visit, where you'll find dozens of suggestions for making a positive environmental impact.

Show us how you're helping our planet with SERRV handcrafts! Send your photos to, and your photos could be featured on SERRV's social media pages. As always, thank you for helping us build a better world through fair trade!


Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

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