Floral Dabu Cotton Bedding

Handcrafted in India
  • Queen Quilt
    Item #32586
  • $178.00
  • Standard Quilted Pillow Shams - Set of 2
    Item #32587
  • $42.00
  • King Quilt
    Item #32758
  • $192.00
  • King Pillow Shams - Set of 2
    Item #33450
  • $68.00


Fair trade bedding made from natural cotton is resist block-printed entirely by hand in traditional Indian patterns. Each color and design reflects a unique block, which must be precisely stamped to create the pattern. Soft and elegant, each eco-friendly bedding piece has coordinating block-print pattern on reverse. We recommend washing before first use in cold water with 1/2 cup of vinegar to set the dye. Machine wash cold, tumble dry.

Quilts feature three layers of fabric stitched together with kantha embroidery, no added filling. Queen Quilt: 96"l x 92"w; Queen Quilted Shams - Set of 2, each 26"l x 20 1/2"w; King Quilt: 108"l x 92"w; King Pillow Shams - Set of 2, each 36"l x 20"w

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Artisans in India

About the Artisan

Your purchase creates income and social reform for hundreds of artisans in Mumbai and other parts of India, as well as funding community improvement projects for their communities.

Since 1976, SERRV International has partnered with artisans in India, providing a long-term trading partnership and interest-free advance payment for our orders. Through sales of their products, over 800 artisans in more than 50 cooperatives and family workshops throughout India receive needed... Read more...


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Pillow shams
Feb 19, 2024  |  By Mary Campbell
Very nice. Color is as appears in picture.

Dec 24, 2023  |  By Alicia McLain
We are full time RV nomads and we can't have a big old giant comforter. This is a perfect year round weight and for winter we use an electric blanket.

I washed it with vinegar the first time and I generally use vinegar as a fabric softener so this cover had kept its color and stays soft.

We get a ton of compliments on it. We've had it for over 3 years now and it gets washed roughly monthly depending on the time of year or where we are. We've done a tour video of our bedroom on our YT channel. You can find it and follow us here https://youtube.com/c/MileHighBeach
Owner Response: We LOVE this! Thank you for sharing!

Beautiful but not Sturdy
May 18, 2023  |  By Kristin
This blanket absolutely beautiful. I washed it in the wash with vinegar as recommended, and it came out great. However, the stitching is incredibly late. I had to retie all the corners because they were all coming out.

Lovely, DID NOT turn my dryer blue!
Oct 11, 2022  |  By Jenny
I bought this lovely item and followed the directions with the vinegar. It DID NOT turn my dryer blue.

Love it!
Jun 2, 2022  |  By Theresa
I got this because our down comforter is too warm in the summer. This bedspread is a perfect summer weight bed cover. It is beautiful and well made.

Beautiful but bleeds
Mar 18, 2022  |  By Gaye
This is a beautiful cover for the bed. However, I followed the instructions to wash it with vinegar and cold water before using, I put it in the dryer with wool dryer balls , the dryer balls are blue and so is the inside of my dryer!
Owner Response: We're sorry to hear this and thank you for letting us know so we can work on this again with our artisan partners.

Beautiful cover
Dec 4, 2021  |  By Megan Williams
This duvet cover is beautiful and very richly colored, it looks wonderful on my old down comforter. The dye intensity very high so I washed it before using it.

Feedback on purchase.
Nov 16, 2021  |  By Philip Kieffer
Beautiful and cleaned well.

Feedback on purchase.
Nov 16, 2021  |  By Philip Kieffer
Beautiful and washed well!

More like a pillow case
Aug 2, 2021  |  By Patty
The shams I purchased for our quilt are really more like pillow cases. The same issues I had with the coverlet I have with the cases as well (dye running and stitching coming loose)

Stitching and dye issues
Aug 2, 2021  |  By Patty
First I will say I really like this coverlet!! Great for summer and the color and design is beautiful. I think there are two ways improvements could be made. I followed the instructions regarding the setting of the dye by washing it in cold water with the vinegar but it still bled a bit into the white. Also the threads used to stitch the edges and for the quilting are coming off after that first wash before I put it on my bed. Using sturdier thread or attention to the closures would help.
Owner Response: Thank you for letting us know! We're revisiting this issue again with the artisans who craft the bedding.

pillowcases a little small
Jun 14, 2021  |  By Suzanne
The pattern is beautiful and fabric weight is just right for summer without the duvet inside. I washed in vinegar as someone suggested. Duvet cover washed up beautifully and did not color my white sheets. I am giving 4 stars because the pillowcases are a little small. My regular sized pillows stick out about an inch.

Beautiful quilt
May 7, 2021  |  By Karen van Beyer
This is the perfect quilt for our warm New Orleans spring and summer.

Beautiful Duvet
Jun 3, 2020  |  By Shelley Burger
The color and pattern is lovely. I followed the directions to wash with vinegar before using and it washed beautifully.

Perfect weight
Oct 26, 2019  |  By shana hines
The fabric and weight are perfect, however, like the first review stated, a lot of threads weren't tied off so I had to resew the edges.

Love it, but....
Oct 19, 2019  |  By shana hines
As the first review stated, the sewing isn't tied off, so I will resew the edges so I can wash it without worry. I do love the weight and material!

loose threads
Sep 16, 2019  |  By Lindy
I love the quilt. It is nearly perfect and as shown. But after one washing, several of the white threads that close the border are loose. This will be a problem with further washings.
Owner Response: Thank you for letting us know, we will be in touch with you directly about this.