Peace Wreath

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Welcome guests in the spirit of peace and love. Natural wreath of takip-asin wood wrapped in sustainably harvested galtang vine is lovely on its own, or when adorned with flowers or lights. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use! Approx: 17" dia.

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Handcrafters in the Philippines

About the Artisan

Your purchase enables marginalized Filipino artisans from the poorest urban and rural communities to become self-reliant through skilled handcrafting by selling their handcrafted products in local and global fair trade markets.

Since 1976, SERRV International has partnered with handcrafters in the Philippines, providing a long-term trading partnership and interest-free advance payment for our orders. Through sales of their products, artisans who rely on handcrafting as their... Read more...


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Peace Wreath
Nov 6, 2023  |  By Susan Graham
I couldn't be happier with my wreath. Beautifully made and sturdy.

Peace Wreath
Oct 8, 2023  |  By Lakeesha Browne
Lovely wreath, nice size. I was afraid it would be too small but it was perfect for the front door. Standard size wreath at a good price.

Peace Sign Wreath
Sep 15, 2023  |  By Tania Voter
This is a beautiful peace sign wreath - well made, wrapped tight well worth the price and will look beautiful on my front door year round - I wrapped mine w white wire lights and plan to adorn w colorful ribbons throughout the year as I celebrate the 4 seasons of nature. I love supporting Serrv.

Awesome peace wreath
Aug 25, 2023  |  By Katie Rice
I love it! Great quality. Super cute. Can't wait to put holiday lights on it...year round.

Peace Wreath
Aug 17, 2023  |  By Linda
I ordered this wreath for myself and loved it since much that I ordered another for a Christmas gift. It arrived in just a couple of days. I couldn't be happier.

Aug 16, 2023  |  By Kathy
This wreath symbolizes what our world needs. It's so well made. I can't wait to decorate it.

Peace wreath
Aug 2, 2023  |  By Melissa
Beautiful! Very well made and absolutely gorgeous!

Well Crafted - Perfect Addition for Boho look
Jul 17, 2023  |  By Juli Dodge
This piece is very well crafted. Quick shipping. It's the perfect wreath for my front door. I absolutely love it!!

Peace Wreath
Jul 3, 2023  |  By Angela Shipman
Arrived, a gift for a friend. She will love it! So cute. So many things arrive and do not look good in person, this looked just was pictured. Great wreath, and good quality.

Peace sign wreath
Jun 27, 2023  |  By Teri Haddon
This wreath is really very nice. It is well made and a perfect size.

Peace Sign Wreath
Jun 16, 2023  |  By JILL GOODRICH
I couldn't be happier with the Peace Wreath. It is made beautifully

Great product!
Jun 6, 2023  |  By Vickie Mate
Very happy with my purchase- it's a well made substantial piece. My peace sign is hanging outside on my front door and it looks great, thanks!!

Very cute and different
May 25, 2023  |  By Sarah
I originally saw this wreath when I was on vacation but couldn't buy it because it wouldn't have fit in my luggage. Once I got back I searched it online and bought it immediately! Such a great price for a very well made piece.

Peace Wreath is Rustic and Beautiful
Feb 5, 2023  |  By Sandy
I love this Peace symbol wreath. It hangs at my front entry, decorated with evergreen sprigs, to welcome guests. Thank you, SERRV artisans!

Peace Wreath
Jan 14, 2023  |  By Jennie Thompson Ray
Bought one for each of my grandchildren - 6 of them. They love it.

Plain and simply gorgeous
Oct 5, 2022  |  By Emm
Can use this wreath all year long, brought loose decorations to add color during the holidays.

Peace Wreath
Jul 3, 2022  |  By Jennie Ray
Saving the ones I bought for a Christmas present for my granadchildren. Love 'Em.

I know they'll love it
Dec 30, 2021  |  By Alice Wagner
Due to other family obligations, my daughter and her husband open their gifts on New Year's Eve - I can't wait for them to see the Peace Wreath; I know they'll love it - they "go" for things like that and it's so unique.

Rustic Charm
Dec 29, 2021  |  By Susan
I like the rustic charm of this peace wreath. It's also very sturdily made. I think it was a good value for the money.

They're gonna LOVE it
Dec 29, 2021  |  By Alice Wagner
Due to other family obligations, my daughter and her husband open their gifts on New Year's Eve. I can't wait to hear what they think of this; they really go for things like this. They're gonna LOVE it.

Simple yet beautiful
Dec 16, 2021  |  By Carrie
I love looking at my sweet peace wreath. Looks just as pictured.

Peace Wreath
Nov 5, 2021  |  By JoAnn Tanis
I love this wreath and have one that was given to me as a gift. I had previously bought one as a gift as well. This one came with the inside branches that are a white color, not as pictured. It should be stated that "colors will vary."

Peace Wreath
May 30, 2021  |  By Dan
Was purchased as a new housewarming gift for a dear friend. Arrived safely and was appreciated.

May 24, 2021  |  By Lindy
I love this peace sign. It is hanging on my barn door. I also bought one for a friend that was admiring mine.

Dec 28, 2020  |  By Claudia
This arrived very well packed and in time to enjoy for the holidays. I put it on my front door without any greenery and love it. Peace.

Beautiful peace wreath
Dec 20, 2020  |  By Anita
This is a lovely wreath you can add your own greenery or decor to,

Peace Sign Door Wreath
Dec 4, 2020  |  By Diane Carr
Perfect for every day!! I love it!!

Lovely and Fun to Decorate
Nov 29, 2020  |  By Ms. Nancy Anne McDaniel
I like it. I decorated it and will be happy to have it on my front door this year. And may change decorations in future years . I wish there were an option to post a photo so I could show you how I decorated it.

My new Peace Wreath
Jun 27, 2020  |  By Debra Wheeler
I love my new Peace Wreath! I was a "Hippie" in the 70's, and "Peace" was our mission back then... I have added small flowers into the wreath, and spritz them to give them water! It is quite "COOL"!

well made
Dec 14, 2019  |  By Kathy Howell
The peace wreath is beautiful and well made. With simple decorations it is a gorgeous decoration for my door.

Peace wreath
Dec 9, 2019  |  By Brenda M Dunn
Beautiful, for its meaning as well as its craftsmanship.

Peace Wreath
Nov 5, 2019  |  By LuAnn Cobbs

Happy with this purchase!
Sep 8, 2019  |  By Barbara Harper
Nice wreath and very well made. This is exactly what we wanted for our front door. Highly recommended and thank you for the fast delivery as well.

Peace Wreath
Aug 16, 2019  |  By Dolores Arbucci
Beautifully made. We love it.

Wonderful wreath
Jun 20, 2019  |  By Julie
This is truly a unique wreath. The quality is great and the size is very nice.

Looks great
Apr 1, 2019  |  By Louise Shouldis
I am so happy with this peace wreath. I looks great hanging on my barn.

Fine product
Nov 7, 2018  |  By Lena Hubin
I love this very natural, sturdy "peace sign." It will be a wreath on our door for the holidays--and beyond.

LOVE This Product
Aug 8, 2018  |  By Pat
Excellent product! Excellent service. Bought this as a housewarming for my flower-child daughter-in-law. She LOVED it! She is going to lace it with sunflowers. Soooo cute! Service is seamless.

Peace wreath
Jun 6, 2018  |  By Mollie
I saw this Peace wreath in the Serrv catalog a few times and finally decided I needed some PEACE in my house. It's a beautiful wreath made of wood and entwined branches. I hung it on my front porch so passers-by can see it. And I see it when I go in and out the front door. Knowing that my purchase is fair trade makes it an even more special addition to my home.

Love this!
May 25, 2018  |  By Sherrie
I downsized to a small duplex last year. Since I'm renting, I can't make major changes or paint. I wasn't sure how I was going to add charm to a drab front entrance. Then I found this wreath. I hung it from my front door using a Command Designer hook. I get compliments all the time. It's the perfect size and looks exactly like the photo. Highly recommend.

Peace wreath
Apr 10, 2018  |  By Carol
Excellent quality and is as it appears in the catalogue.

A beautiful piece
Mar 16, 2018  |  By Joanna
This is a generously sized and beautifully made piece. I immediately put in on our front door, but it could equally be used inside. In fact, I have many places I'd love to use it--might buy another.... It has an organic, somewhat rustic feel and look, and carries a wonderful message.

Perfect for me
Mar 14, 2018  |  By Jeanne
Been looking at this wreath in the catalog for months. So pleased with the quality, size and the peace message itself

Love love love it
Feb 6, 2018  |  By Sarah
I want to gift this to everyone I know! Wicked great quality....beautiful

A quality product
Jan 2, 2018  |  By Beverly
A sturdy and well made product. I was looking for something festive yet a little different. This wreath looks great as is or it can easily be dressed up depending on the season.

Peace Wreath
Dec 24, 2017  |  By John
A very nice addition to our Christmas decorations for our little house "down on the farm". Very nice & pleased.

peace sign wreath
Dec 19, 2017  |  By Barbara
Love it! Sells well in our store.

Peace and love wreath
Dec 18, 2017  |  By Chantale
Very beautiful wreath. I am very satisfied.

Dec 15, 2017  |  By Jan
Like one of the other reviewers, I too have been looking at this wreath for a few years, wanting to buy it. This year I finally did and I'm so glad I did. It's very well made and looks gorgeous on my front door. I wove some small pieces of evergreen around the circle and added some red bird ornaments and small colorful Christmas ball ornaments tucked in here and there. I'm going to leave it up all year and change the decoration according to the season. Fresh flowers and leaves from my garden in Spring and Summer, and dried leaves, etc. in the Fall. I will cherish this Peace Wreath for years to come.

Subtle, but beautiful
Oct 20, 2017  |  By Leah
The best part of this wreath is the message it conveys! The traditional peace symbol that one can hang outside or inside. It fits on my front door and I plan to add accents as the season changes! I am very pleased with my purchase.

Jun 16, 2017  |  By Jeanne
I ordered 2 of these beautiful wreaths: one for pur home and one for my sister- and brother-in-law's home. The simple sentiment expressed by this wreath is perfect during these times in America, as we struggle with decisions that our current President is making. Thank you for having this lovely wreath available to those of us who treasure the concept of world peace.

Love it!
Feb 25, 2017  |  By Constance
Beautifully well made. A perfect addition to my terrace wall.

Awesome wreath - peace out!!
Dec 16, 2016  |  By Catherine
This wreath is very sturdy and well made; it's also quite beautiful. It makes the statement I want to make in a unique way.

Natural peace sign
Dec 16, 2016  |  By Cynthia
I just love this peace sign. I encircled the outside ring with tiny led lights and it is the ultimate Christmas display.

Love it
Nov 26, 2016  |  By Jen
Been looking at this in the catalog for three years, finally treated myself. Added a string of tiny LEDs and a Christmas ribbon - perfect!

Oct 22, 2016  |  By Mama T
Love it! I welcomes my guests at the front door.

Peace Wreath
Sep 29, 2016  |  By Celeste
Love this wreath, its uniqueness and amazing craftsmanship set this apart from any decorative piece I have ever purchased. Would recommend to any peace-loving person!!!

Everyone's favorite
Aug 10, 2016  |  By Julio
We can't keep this simple, yet beautiful, peace wreath in our store!

Just Beautiful!
Dec 6, 2013  |  By S
I got this as a gift for my mom but when it arrived I wanted to keep it for myself. The craftsmanship on it is stunning; you can tell that it's handmade but done so with care and finesse. You would never be able to step foot into a regular store and find something of this quality and at this price made by some machine.

Attractive and Durable
Aug 31, 2013  |  By Steven Lessner
I bought one of these 3 1/2 years ago and it's been hanging in the sun and wind since. Still looks great.

Beautiful Accent
Aug 22, 2012  |  By Cheryl
This is a great addition to your wall and is a nice talking piece for your room.