Each basket we offer is handwoven by one of our artisan partners who earns a fair wage for their work. Browse our collection of African baskets, sisal baskets, bolga baskets, holga baskets, fabric baskets, natural fiber baskets. Whether for storage, going to the farmer's market or for display, you'll find one to fit your needs.

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  • Ghanaian Market Basket

    Using locally sourced elephant grass, women artisans in Ghana craft these distinctive baskets using traditional techniqu... 

  • Bolga Boat Bag

    Bright colors, leather-wrapped handles, and a boat-shaped design lend this elephant grass basket its distinctly African ... 

  • Tall Uganda Basket

    Elevate your average planter, wastebasket, or storage to something beautiful. Papyrus fibers are tightly coiled and wrap... 

  • Sunrise Swirl Bowl

    The National Association of Women's Organizations in Uganda (NAWOU) helps women artisans earn a living through tradition... 

  • Cornflower Sisal Bowl

    Master weavers in Swaziland spend hours meticulously hand wrapping sisal fibers with thread to create the fine texture a... 

  • Bicolored Papyrus Bowl

    Densely coiled papyrus is wrapped with cinnamon and cerulean-dyed raffia to create this sturdy fiber bowl. Hanging loop.... 

  • Jute Floor Tote - Large

    Sizeable floor totes made from densely woven jute fibers make excellent storage options for towels, toys, or magazines... 

  • Jute Floor Tote - Medium

    Sizeable floor totes made from densely woven jute fibers make excellent storage options for towels, toys, or magazines.... 

  • Blue-Weave Nesting Baskets

    Turn a jumble of belongings into a model of organization. Set of 3 nesting cylindrical baskets constructed from kaisa gr... 

  • Bright-Handle Baskets

    A small pop of vibrant cotton-wrapped handles adds cheery personality to this set of 3 natural hogla baskets. Two twist ... 

  • Large Teal Basket

    This warm-toned basket adds beauty to any room and is the perfect, spacious size for keeping items tucked away. Hand wov... 

  • Sea Grass Wire Frame Basket

    Decorative storage basket of natural sea grass, densely woven over a durable iron frame. A 3" stripe of woven water hyac... 

  • Written Word Basket

    Recycled paper, dyed palm leaf, and reed are plaited and stitched to create this fun and funky basket. Lightweight and f... 

  • Soft Jute Basket

    Tri-colored jute fibers are twisted, coiled, and sewn to create this soft-sided basket. Suitable as a magazine holder, p... 

  • Nesting Wall Baskets

    Keep small objects contained and off tables and countertops with this set of 2 sturdy galtang vine wall baskets. Perfect... 

  • Riverside Kaisa Bowl

    Dynamic, medium-density fiber bowl constructed of kaisa grass, dyed in rich shades of blue and green, coiled and wrapped... 

  • Tabletop Basket

    A feast for the eyes almost too pretty to use, these coiled kaisa grass accessories are wrapped with patterned red, yell... 

  • Cherry Basket

    Woven by hand of coiled red raffia and natural papyrus, this deep, sturdy basket is great for storage and cheery display... 

  • Desert Sunset Sisal Basket

    It takes artisans at least three days to painstakingly weave sisal into this large basket, whose muted tones look great ... 

  • Stairstep Basket

    Raffia is wrapped with natural and dyed banana leaf fibers then coiled to create this firm basket with geometric stairst... 

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