Handmade Christmas Ornaments

The Christmas tree is a centerpiece of holiday decorating, and you want to ensure it's dressed ethically and fun. Fair trade ornaments are just what you need! Each unique Christmas ornament is handmade by global artisans using traditional handcrafting techniques. Don't have space on your tree? SERRV ornaments make great shelf and mantel décor as well!

Quilled Ornaments

Shop our eco-friendly paper ornaments from Vietnam. Each handmade Christmas ornament is crafted from tiny strips of paper, which are coiled and glued to make colorful designs. From angels to snowflakes to rainbows, you'll find a quilled ornament perfect for your tree--or someone else's!

Gourd Ornaments

These gourd-geous and unique Christmas ornaments are inspired by nature, and crafted using ages-old techniques! Artisans in Peru carve, etch, then burn or paint all natural gourds by hand to create these handmade holiday decorations. You can still hear the dried seeds rattle inside each intact gourd. Some are hollowed out and decorated with handmade terracotta figures, and others feature clay accents for a finishing touch. Each one makes a charming addition to your tree. Choose from owls, nativities, and traditional Christmas figures like Santas and snowmen.

Metal Ornaments

Artisans in India craft these handmade Christmas ornaments using partially recycled iron. Whether it's hand painted snowflakes, woodland animals, or bicycles, these classic additions to your tree fit in with any décor.

Crocheted Ornaments

A crafting pastime for many, crochet is a source of income for artisans in Vietnam. Ethically made Christmas ornaments are bright and playful, perfect for your inner child and a colorful tree. Cute animals driving cars and planes, classic nativities, barnyard favorites, and cheerful reindeer give you a wide selection of fair trade crocheted ornaments.

Felt Ornaments

Wooly, whimsical, and a world of fun! These handmade Christmas ornaments are made from ethically obtained wool by artisans in Nepal, who use needle felting and knitting to create each of these Christmas critters. SERRV carries something for everyone, from birds to dogs to sweaters.

... and more!

From eco-friendly grasses and leaves to hand-carved wood, each unique Christmas ornament is made with care by a hardworking global artisan, who earns a fair and vital wage through handcrafting. Shop fair trade ornaments today.