Handmade Wind Chimes

Bring music and good luck to your backyard or patio with a fair trade wind chime. Our melodious and decorative chimes create peace and charm in any space, and are perfect for establishing a welcoming and meditative atmosphere. From bold metal to quiet wood, you'll find the perfect wind chime for your home and lifestyle while supporting global artisans. Be sure to place them where they'll catch a breeze so you can hear their unique and relaxing sounds. Listen to each chime to find your favorite!

Bamboo Chimes

Our natural bamboo chimes from Indonesia are an eco-friendly way to add interest and mellow sound to your indoor or outdoor space. Our simple and long-time favorite Round Bamboo Wind Chime is crafted with both bamboo and coconut, making this handmade wind chime a must-have for your meditative space. Bring the beauty of wind chimes indoors with our Standing Kalmado Wind Chime, made from bamboo with bright aluminum chimes. If you're looking for larger bamboo chimes, choose the Pagoda Wind Chime. It fits in with any sort of aesthetic, but looks particularly stunning in rock gardens!

Recycled Metal Chimes

Handmade by a skilled artisan, wind chimes crafted from recycled metal bring whimsical and rustic charm to any outdoor space. From our popular Beaded Lattice Wind Chime to our Recycled Metal Owl Chime, many of these unique handmade wind chimes get their cheerful tones from handcrafted bells, with glass bead accents that bring a touch of color. If you're an animal lover, we carry fun artisan wind chimes featuring birds, elephants, and dragonflies. We even carry festive Christmas bell chimes to keep the beauty of these delightful noisemakers all year round.

Other Unique Chimes

Metal and bamboo aren't the only wind chimes we carry! Our Rainbow Capiz Chime is crafted with beautiful dyed capiz shell by artisans in the Philippines and makes a bright and cheerful sound when moved by the wind. Our Lotus Rain Chain makes directing and collecting rainwater beautiful with its smooth copper finish and bright bell tones, while our Zola Zen Décor brings visual interest and a peaceful air to any space.