Abominable Snowman Ornament

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Adorable abominable snowman is anything but scary! Furry wool ornament has hand-felted features and a hand-stitched smiling face, complete with a hand-knit hat. Dimensions: 5"h.

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Artisans in Nepal

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Your purchase changes lives, allowing many women artisans in Nepal to work from home, aided by a savings programs, education for girls, medical care, and other social welfare support.

Since 1993, SERRV International has partnered with artisans in in Nepal, providing a long-term trading partnership and interest-free advance payment for our orders. Through sales of their products, 500 artisans from 15 districts of Nepal receive employment, fair wages, skills training, and a... Read more...


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Abominable Snowman Ornament
Mar 15, 2024  |  By Derry Dickinson
This is such a cute ornament! The photo doesn't do it justice.

Feb 11, 2023  |  By Virginia L Danielson
This extremely cute ornament attracted the attention of my cats who thought its fluffiness was lots of fun. I had to then buy two -- one for them and one for the tree. The ornament is well-made and, in my experience, unique. It adds a bit of flair to our already eclectic Christmas tree. Don't hesitate to get one.

Very cute
Dec 27, 2021  |  By Kathy
I have seen Big Foot Christmas ornaments and found this Yeti ornament very adorable. This ornament is well made and charming..

Cute well-made ornaments
Dec 2, 2021  |  By Linda S
These handmade ornaments are very cute and are excellent quality. I bought the yeti for myself and the corgi as a gift. They are clearly made by a skilled artisan with an eye for style and detail. Very happy with my purchase.